Blood sugar

So I’ve recently discovered I may have a low blood sugar problem..
If anyone has any tips on ways to manage it (certain foods, drinks, fruits, etc.) please let me know!


I can’t wait to get my tattoo finished next Friday! It’s about time!
Also since Ciara and I are about to have a job that pays well, we’re gonna start saving for our own place.



So I asked Dani to bring home an onion and a head of lettuce when she got off work. I wanted to make veggie burgers and needed a few things. She comes home and turns out she bought a half rotten onion and cabbage, not lettuce. Hahaha poor babe tried so hard.

I told you I was tired!!!

Does anyone know any websites

to order glasses online?

Ciara and I go back to Cincinnati tomorrow. :(

I’m excited to see my cat but I liked staying at my mom’s :( I miss everyone.


So in case any of you were wondering…
Ciara and I are in my hometown staying at my mom’s for a few days!
We took a bus here and Ciara has been super sick since last night.
She has been napping since we got here and she says she’s feeling better which is great. I’d hate for her to be sick and miserable the whole time we are here.

I’ve had a long night so I think it’s time to cuddle her to sleep. :)


I love my girlfriend more than anything.
I don’t give her enough credit for treating me so nicely and I certainly don’t tell her that she is beautiful enough.

I’m gonna try to get my mind out of the dump that it’s been in lately.

What I woke up to today. 😺 #personal
The start of my sleeve coverup! We just did the outlines and shading today for the most part but the tattoo behind it is already pretty well camouflaged. I can’t wait to finish this. @kcombs76 you have no idea how excited I am to finally get this going! Thank you! #personal
Before. #personal

I get my tattoo covered up tomorrow and I am so excited!

@ciara_chimera and I are celebrating our 1 year anniversary today even though it’s not until the 17th since this is our only day off of work that we have at the same time. She surprised me with a room full of balloons, candy, brownies, popcorn and of course a movie :) I love it! Thank you Ciara I love you so much :) 😍😘❤️ #personal

So today my manager basically told our entire crew that we cannot have water because “it isn’t hot in here” or use the restroom at all unless we are on break.

Oh, I’m sorry that my bladder isn’t on a strict schedule and that HUMANS NEED WATER AT ALL TIMES NOT JUST WHEN IT’S HOT.
So when I pass out because I’m dehydrated it’s my fault…


I need to start playing guitar again.


Feeling really great about myself right now.